From design to install.


There may be a design fee ranging from 300.00 to 1,500.00 depending on the situation and scope of design work.  It includes meetings in our showroom, meetings on site, measurement verification, cabinet specifications and multiple designs, as ideas evolve and take shape.  The fee rarely covers our cost in design, but it does represent a commitment to our design team, of whom you will play an important part.  

 This fee is credited to the overall cabinetry cost once we have secured the cabinetry production work.  Designing your cabinetry takes careful thought, education and spatial creativity.  You will find that there are typically a few versions of your cabinetry drawn until you find your ideal design.  

Bring your interior designer!  We love working with them and will balance our design costs with their involvement.


Multiple bids and quotes.  

“Apples to Apples”.  How do you know which apple is the best apple for you?  And who’s running the fruit stand?   We only quote cabinetry that we would want in our homes, and then back it with high quality service, which we appreciate as well.   So we suggest, early in your selection process, that you come in and meet our friendly team, see your choices in our showroom, view our cabinet shop and see a current project under construction.


The actual cabinetry product.  This will depend on your selections.  Wood species, finish and hardware selections will all affect the cost.  We will guide you through choices based on your expectations of cost.  It’s not hard to achieve a beautiful cabinet project with affordable choices.



Installation typically runs from 11% to 13% of the cabinet cost. We supervise all of our cabinet installations and back them up with our cabinet shop for modifications, if needed.  Sometimes things change midstream and walls or windows move, etc.  We can deal with it.  We use installation experts, with whom we have extensive experience and shared portfolios.